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Qualatex Balloon Pump Lime
  • Qualatex Balloon Pump Lime

Qualatex Balloon Pump Lime

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You may have used a balloon pump before-

This one PULLS instead of pushes!

  • Pushing action takes much less effort!
  • Air flow and speed is more precisely controlled!
  • Grooved grip on barrel and nozzle!
  • Made by Qualatex!

Make your balloon animals and sculptures the REALLY EASY way!
Use this deluxe PULL STYLE Qualatex portable hand pump for balloons!

All professional balloon artists use a pump to inflate their balloons.
Blowing up balloons without a pump is hard on the lungs, hard on the facial muscles, and just plain SLOW!

A quality portable pump like this one is all you need to quickly and painlessly inflate hundreds of balloons.
When you need to blow up Qualatex 260 or 160 balloons for animal sculptures, this pump is all you need!

This is the deluxe PULL STYLE Qualatex balloon pump.
It is made by the same famous company that makes the balloons.
It works very smoothly, even for those hard-to-inflate balloons.
The unique PULL STYLE action makes it perfect for those who may have weaker hand strength.
And the deep groove grips are fantastic for performers who wear gloves while making balloon animals- NO SLIP!