Card College Vol.5



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In this, the fifth volume of the Card College series, Roberto Giobbi hasprepared a graduation party. In previous volumes the reader has beengiven a remarkable collection of tools for creating astonishing cardmagic. In the same vein, Volume 5 begins with a meaty chapter of newtechniques and strategies, which include methods for covertlyarranging stacks during performance, obtaining a duplicate of aspectator's signature without his knowledge, and secretly conveyingcards to and from the deck--powerful tools indeed.
But then Volume 5 diverges from the established Card College formula.Judging that the reader now has more than a sufficient number of toolsin his grasp, Mr. Giobbi provides eight chapters filled with tricks androutines that illustrate how various techniques are applied to createworld-class card magic. These effects, however, are not mereconstructions meant for teaching. Most have been drawn from RobertoGiobbi's professional repertoire and because of this, even theclassics of card magic are given a fresh gleam as Giobbi addsrefinements won from years of performing experience.
His choice of material is impeccable, featuring not only original effectsand handlings of his own, but tricks and routines by world-masters aswell. One finds such gems as Fred Kaps's presentation for The SignedCard in Box, along with Giobbi's cunning treatment of this modernclassic, Henry Christ's fabulous Ace routine and a superb handling of aforgotten masterpiece by Charlie Miller. And everything is taught withthe clarity and attention to detail for which the Card College series hasbecome known. Open this book and welcome to the party. Prepare to graduate! The largest Card College volume yet 334 pages and hundreds of illustrations.