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101 Ttricks with Thumbtip
  • 101 Ttricks with Thumbtip

101 Ttricks with Thumbtip

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Turn your thumb tip into an entire magic routine!

The Thumb Tip is the most useful gimmick that every magician should use, and use often. But exactly what can you do with it?? And how do you get the most out of it?? Here is a booklet full of instructions and ideas!

This excellent instruction booklet is full of clear directions on how to make objects vanish, appear, change and more!

Learn how to fit your thumb tip! Get inside info on the pro techniques and basics (position, palming, loading, stealing, vanishing, ditching). This booklet has sections on vanishes (make a lit cigarette vanish, etc.), productions (produce liquid from your hand, a silk from your mouth, etc.),changes (turn sugar to candy, pop popcorn in your hand, etc.), restorations (cut and restore a rubber band, burn and restore a silk, etc.),penetrations (needle thru thumb, bill thru body, etc.), transpositions (making objects disappear and reappear someplace else).

Here you'll also find ideas for using a magnet or magician's wax with your thumb tip.

And, of course, there is a whole section of 11 great routines you can use!

THIS IS A BOOKLET ONLY. You need a Thumb Tip to do the tricks explained here.