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Crazy Cube Cards


This has the ZOOM SEAL OF APPROVAL! Perform your magic online now! This trick is ideal for being performed to camera as well as to a live audience.

An exciting way to perform Rubik's Cube magic without a physical cube. Slip these cards into your pocket and you're ready to instantly solve a Rubik's cube in the most magical way possible. The perfect fusion of card and cube magic, with the strong visual transformation of a picture of a mix cube into a solved cube. 

With a flick of his wrist, the cube on the card is fully solved! It really is a quick as that. Those watching will hardly be able to believe their eyes.

This is magic for all ages, even the youngest will be entranced by the impossible visual change. And at the end, the cards can be examined! Comes with our exclusive step-by-step instructions and video explanation.


We include three effects using these cards. Many more are possible with the clever gimmicks.

MIXED & SOLVED - A playing card with a picture of a solved Rubik's cube is given a shake, and the cube is mixed up, right in front of the spectator's eyes. Astonishing! With another shake, the cube is instantly solved. 

3 CARD SOLUTION - Three cards with mixed cubes are placed face down in the spectator's hand. The spectator gives the cards a shake, and when they are turned over, all three cubes have been magically solved.

ONE IN FIVE - The spectator has a free choice of five face-down cards, one mixed cube and four solved cubes. They always choose the mixed cube card.

If you're interested in Cube magic, you'll be crazy not to get these themed cube cards, the perfect companion to Rubik Cube magic.

  • Easy-to-do card magic with no sleights.
  • Baffling visual magic - with the spectator holding the transformed card in their hand.
  • Pocket size miracle suitable for all ages.

Add a new dimension to your cube magic, or perform in an instant what you've struggled to do for years. Solve a Rubik's cube.

Comes complete with: Set of 8 cards, including gimmicks, plastic card wallet, our exclusive step-by-step instructions and online video training. Very visual video (even if it is in chinese) no sound required.