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The spectator's initials seemingly melt through solid glass...Over 15 full effects and applicationsCritically-acclaimed from top industry pro's Brilliant principles and methodologyCompletely examinable. Extremely visual. Unbelievably simple.IMAGINE: You're given a real, ungimmicked dry-erase marker. You're told by the performer to write your initials-- which the performer could never guess-- on an unprepared window. The performer briefly covers the window with a newspaper or jacket for 5 seconds while telling you that the initials are literally passing through the glass. The newspaper is ripped to the ground. You touch the window. You feel the glass. The initials-- YOUR initials-- have penetrated through to the other side. GLASS, Adam's premiere full-length DVD release, features that effect and over 14 others-- all taught in intricate detail.INCLUDED: STAINED GLASSPASSING THRUSTAINED COINDOTS BE GONESUDDEN CHANGESTAINED PREDICTIONTHE GLIDE CHANGEWIPE OUTASSISTANT'S REVENGEDOT MATRIXDOT TRANSPORTMOVING HOLEDOTS REVEALBEHIND THE 8 BALLGLASS AWAY__________UserReview -->'Just received it a few hours ago. Went through and watched it all the way through, then I picked out a trick. Practiced for a quick hour, then went out and did 'Wipe Out' for my wife. (Trick where a card prediction is written on the glass and shown to spectator. You say something like, 'This is the card that's going to be chosen.' Spectator chooses a card and -- uh oh -- not the same card as what's written on the glass. Then you do a little magic in front of their eyes -- and BINGO. The name of the chosen card appears on the glass.)'Wife was blown away. Freaked out. Much stronger reaction than I'd anticipated.'I mean, I played up the fact that at first it didn't work. Got ready to walk away and mumbled something about more practice with my new piece of glass. Then I sorta turned, did the glide, and the card appeared.'What struck me about the 'Glass' tricks -- most of them, at least -- is that you really have to believe in the tricks. You gotta work on the performance aspect more than anything else. (Some of the 'dot-on-glass' tricks require more than a little practice.)'I think there are a total of 14 different tricks on the DVD -- some more elaborate than others. A fewI didn't like, but most struck me as being really interesting. I like the idea of this little piece of glass doing weird things. I like the tricks where the glass and the cards work together. 'I'd give it a 9/10. Not a 10 because -- like the 'Ultimate Card Through Window' -- there are a couple of tricks that I'm sure are effective for a spectator but that just don't do anything for me. But Adam is great to watch and listen to. Everything is clearly explained and demonstrated nicely.'The thing about all of the 'Glass' tricks is that they're really, really clever -- and simple. Adam exploits all the possibilities -- no doubt about that. I suspect this is one of those DVDs where one might be inclined to (at first, at least) underestimate the combined weirdness of the illusions. Actually, all of the 'Glass' illusions -- now that I think about it -- are very weird. It's nifty stuff.'No gimmicked glass, no gimmicked dry erase markers. ~ Boinko fron Ellusionist Review Forums

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GLASS by Adam Grace

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