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Thumb Tip Production Coil Glitter

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Larger varieties of these coils have been used by magicians for years.  The traditional effect is of tearing a few pieces of colored tissue, chewing it down, and producing a long chain of multi-color paper from the mouth.

These thumb tip coils are miniature versions, that work in an identical manner, and the coil can be concealed in a thumb tip.  This makes possible a very clean production of the coil from the bare hand.  Also in many other ways, for example from a borrowed bill rolled into a tube over your thumb.

These coils are made from mylar film, making them much more rugged, and tear-resistant.  They are waterproof, with fast colors that will not run.  You could even use them for production from liquid if your routine so required.

Available in packs of 12 coils. Each coil can be used once. You use your own thumb tip.