Euro Eclipse Juggling Clubs Set


This juggling set comes with three Higgins Brothers Euro Eclipse Juggling Clubs. Also comes with instructions and exclusive Youtube content. The Youtube videos teach all sorts of juggling skills, including how to juggling three clubs. Euro Eclipse clubs are indestructible & will last a lifetime. Makes for a great gift from beginner to pro.

HB Euro Eclipse Club - Club Length - 19.5 inches - Weight - 198g Flex Tek 2.0

Molded in beautiful and "super-tough" high impact polyethylene, each Eclipse is precisely manufactured with a longer cooling time in the mold which means a stress free club with perfect balance for juggling. Tapered handles are carefully wrapped in white vinyl tape and bodies are decorated with durable laserdust mylar foil. The quality of these clubs will certainly satisfy the needs of any professional juggler. Our Euro Eclipse clubs feature FLEX TEK 2.0 rotational mold technology making this club the softest and most flexible unibody juggling club on the entire planet. This makes for a well balanced spin while being very gentle on the hands. Juggling clubs with FLEX TEK 2.0 technology also make very little noise when dropped on hard surfaces and are virtually indestructible. Comes with instructions.

*Set of 3 Clubs in Clamshell