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Coin Card by Danny Archer
  • Coin Card by Danny Archer
  • Coin Card by Danny Archer
  • Coin Card by Danny Archer

Coin Card by Danny Archer

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This is a neat idea.  There have been a number of Coin Decks in the past, which help the magician secretly get ahold of four coins, usually revealed under four cards.    But those decks had limited usefulness beyond helping produce the coins.   Danny Archer has come up with a neat way to load four quarters under four cards using your own regular blue backed Bicycle deck, and his specially gimmicked "Coin Card"

The gimmick holds the coins ready in your pocket or case, and is easily added to your deck when you are ready.  In fact, I use mine alot, and add to the deck about three card tricks before I really need it.  (This works for some card tricks and not others of course -- you will understand when you buy this handy utility item.)   I perform a couple more card effects, and then with no moves to pockets or anywhere, I set four cards on the table and then reveal a quarter under each of the cards.     Perfect transition to a matrix routine, and Archer provides instructions for a simple matrix coin effect along with his Coin Card instructions.

Oh yeah, after the coins have been produced, the gimmick can remain in the deck and serve as a locator card.  Bonus!

Once you are familiar with this gimmick, you could construct it in a different back design if you wished.    

The gimmick will handle half dollars, but I think it is best with quarters or Presidential US dollars