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Appearing Silk In Balloon by Morrissey Magic

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Magician displays a metal stand with a large balloon resting on it.

A silk is displayed and vanished by your favorite method. (Hank Ball, Silk Gun, Paper Cone, Change Bag, etc.) Hands are shown empty and now the stand with the balloon in it is picked up and shown all around.

Balloon is removed from stand and the stand is replaced on the table. 
Magician walks forward towards the audience with balloon between both hands. The audience can see that the balloon is completely empty. Then at the count of three, or the count of 43 if you prefer, the silk visibly appears inside of the balloon. Balloon is then burst or handed out and silk can visibly be shown being removed from balloon! A great lead in for the Needle Through Balloon effect, many routines are possible with this versatile magic prop. Not limited to silks you can also make coins appear, a playing card, multiplying bunnies. Add some eyes, mouth and ears to the balloon to bring him alive. Stand can be decorated to suit your show or costume color scheme.

Comes in Spun Aluminum stand with Morrissey's Dura finish. 

Silks and balloons not included.