Quantum Leap (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gavin James



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Quantum Leap is a strong piece of VISUAL self-working card magic that is very EASY to do!" 
- Mark Traversoni 

"Simple - Direct - Impossible" 
- Kieron Johnson 

"When Gavin showed me this, I thought, now that's a clever Self Working 'Keeper'"
- Gary Jones 

"The spectator chooses a card; the deck is spread and the card has vanished! You just choose where to reveal it. A simple and direct piece of card magic, FANTASTIC!" 
- Zak Stone 

Blow their minds with the Quantum Deck and perform the impossible! 

The impossible location is a classic in magic - Gavin James has now taken this plot and constructed a deck that allows you to perform the impossible. 

You show a deck of 52 cards and hand half the deck to the spectator. They choose a card from your half and it instantly disappears, reappearing in their half of the deck at a specific number! 

As an alternative, the card can appear in any impossible location you wish - in an orange, on a window, in your pocket, in the card box - in fact, anywhere you choose. 

Best of all, the effect can be instantly repeated with a different card and the spectator can change their mind if they wish and select a different card! And did we mention...

  • It's an easy-to-learn routine
  • No memory work required -- the deck gives you all the information you need
  • Self-working, easy options for the total beginner. Requires no special card-handling skills
  • Instantly repeatable
  • Available in red or blue Bicycle backs versions
  • Gimmicks included printed on USPCC stock - use with your own red or blue Bicycle deck
  • Additional effects with the same deck shown -- it's not just a one-trick deck
  • No Rough and smooth
  • No sticky stuff!
  • No palming

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Quantum Leap (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gavin James

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