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Do you want your magic to be fun and memorable? Are you tired of buying stuff you can’t really perform in the real world?
If you answered yes to one of these questions, then SOCKS is for you!


What is the hardest part of doing the laundry? Sorting out socks to fold them…of course! The magician shows 2 packs of sock card. You read that right…sock card! The Magician deals one card at a time on each pile showing pairs of socks that are not matching. The spectator calls stop whenever he wishes. The goal is to find an identical pair. The chosen cards are set aside (not turned over yet). The rest of both packs are shown one pair at a time. No perfect match was found among the other cards. When the chose pair is turned over…it doesn’t match. Bummer. But wait, the magician pulls his pant leg one at a time. The magician is actually wearing socks that are not matching together BUT are matching the two chosen cards.

AS if this was not enough…the magician states: ‘actually you took the only pair that is not matching…in a pack of perfect pairs’. The magician then shows each card of each pile and now, every pair is matching perfectly.

SOCKS is incredibly fun to perform. Magic is supposed to be fun isn’t it?
You are supplied with a pair of unmatching socks (one size fits all), the cards and a small vinyl wallet. Now go and knock their socks off!!!

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SOCKS – by Michel HUOT

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