Bending the Real by Jay Sankey (DVD, Book, Gimmicks)



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Bending is about creating dream moments, inspiring people to open their eyes wider than ever. And we wanted to make sure that this surreal FEEL played a big part in the viewing experience of the DVD. The result is a DVD that is far more visually interesting and engaging than 95% of the magic trick dvds on the market.

As for the content, the DVD features a large collection of invaluable bending tips + the techniques behind 25 bends of an exciting range and variety. I teach you how to create 25 memorable does not compute experiences from as many different psychological angles as possible. There are visual ends, audio bends, tactile bends and conceptual bends.

And because bending celebrates deception as a social activity, I selected the collection of bends to reflect a fascinating range of social functions. As the video preview suggests, there are bends suited to flirting, impressing, confusing, amusing, shocking and more.

As for the items involved in the bends, because bending is about dropping the inexplicable into an everyday situation, the majority of the bends featured on the DVD involve stuff you would normally find lying around at school, work, a house party, diner, coffee shop, etc. (There is only ONE bend involving playing cards in the entire collection. I couldnt resist. Its too much fun.)

So you can expect to learn bends with borrowed bills, chocolate bars, drinking straws, magazines, paper clips, stir sticks, water bottles, tea bags, plastic spoons, chewing gum, soda cans, post-it notes, drivers license and other such down-to-earth, everyday items.

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Bending the Real by Jay Sankey (DVD, Book, Gimmicks)

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