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A puzzle and a magic trick!

A method so clever you'll spend hours just fooling around with it- but so simple to do that it almost works BY ITSELF!

Take practically ANY ring (it comes with a ring, but you can definitely use a borrowed ring) and put it on the spring. With your magic, the ring becomes LOCKED onto the spring- it won't come off! Just as quickly, you can "do your magic" and the ring easily comes off the spring.

This trick is so great that we even made a BONUS video for you, to show you how to SMOOTHLY and EASILY work the puzzle when you do it for your spectators. The video is only available from us- and it's free when you purchase this trick from!

This is a CLASSIC pocket puzzle that has been on the market in some form or another for over 100 years. Recently, though, it's been difficult to find a good quality version of the Spring and Ring puzzle, but we are really happy with this one. This is the QUALITY version- beware of the cheap imitations!

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Coil & Ring - individual

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