Gozinta Boxes - Large



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A mystery that is ready to do straight out of the box - for all ages and abilities. A real puzzler.

The Doctor's TARDIS defies Relative Dimensions in Space. So do these boxes

The Effect:

The red box fits inside the black box...but the black one also fits inside the red one. So which is smaller? Clearly the smaller of the two goes inside the large...but they both appear to be the smallest and the largest at the same time!

You don't need a wand for this...instead a Sonic Screw Driver seems more suitable to solve this mystery of Space and Time!

Gospel Presentation: 

Forgiven - ideal to show how Jesus will take away our sins! Mystery - Ideal trick to use as an illustration for the mysteries of the Christian Faith i.e. those things that we struggle to understand or find hard to believe. Impossible:  illustrate those stories where individuals or groups were facing impossible situations and God provided a way out. e.g. crossing of the Red Sea, raising of Lazarus, Peter being freed from prison.

Gozinta Boxes are so called because one Goz-In-Ta the other. These are stage size measuring 5 inches square and made from hard wearing board. They make a good change of pace in any show and a great talking point in an assembly, classroom or church.

Very easy to do and very effective.

You will get: x2 boxes with full instructions 

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Gozinta Boxes - Large

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