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Copper Silver Brass Transposition Deluxe

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Vente finale

The magician shows three coins; a Morgan coin, a 1 Penny coin and a Chinese ancient coins. He places the three coins in his left hand, closes the hand and takes a Morgan coin. Places it in his right hand, but incredibly when he opens the left hand, the Morgan coin coin is there and when he opens the right hand the Penny coins are there! The magician says he will repeat it, places the three coins in the left hand, closes the hand and takes the Morgan coin, but this time places it in the right pocket of his jacket. When he opens the left hand the Morgan coin is there again, then he asks for a spectator to place their hand in the pocket and removes everything in the pocket; incredibly the Penny coin are now in that pocket! Everything can be given out for examination.
Very classic product
You can use it to perform a lot of magic.