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Magicians Tricks
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Magicians Tricks

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Hatton and Plate were master magicians of their time, and their 1910 book MagiciansTricks is one of a dozen classics indispensable to today's magicians,both amateur and professional. Besides revealing the techniques behindscores of tricks, this expert how-to book also describes the wardrobe of asuccessful magician; the magic box into which a magician places all mannerof articles; the wand; and other tools of the trade.With practice and patience-plus such common objects as cards, coins, balls,eggs, handkerchiefs, and other familiar household items-readers will soonsuccessfully execute such card tricks as The False Shuffle, The Slide,Making a Card Disappear from a Glass, and Tearing a Pack of Cards in Two.Would-be magicians will also learn to perform such tricks with coins asthe Penetrating Coin, Passing a Coin Through a Hat, and The DisappearingCoin, as well as how to produce novel effects with billiard balls, make ahandkerchief disappear, tear and restore a strip of paper, fire a girlfrom a cannon into a truck, produce 'something from nothing' andmany more (140 tricks in all!). Suggested stage 'patter' toengage or distract the audience is also included for many of the tricks.