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Pick Your Drink By Arun Bonerjee

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This self working lie detector effect determines a spectator’s selected freely selected drink, (no force) regardless of whether the spectator decides to lie or tell the truth about his selection. 
A packet of 10 cards is examined and shuffled and a spectator freely selects one which is buried in the packet. The selected card is magically “found” by feeding “data” into the Lie Detector (the packet of Cards).
Very simple to perform when you understand the clever working, yet quite baffling to the audience.
We supply 10 cards with pictures and drink names, (one on each) : BEER, WHISKY, SHERRY, BRANDY, STOUT, VODKA, CIDER, COKE, SODA and WINE. in a handy carry wallet, and full working instructions.
Arun originally published this effect in Abra magazine, Issue 3283, dated 27th Dec 2008 under the title “in vino veritas“.
Aldo Colombini’s ingenious trick Pronto was the source from which he derived the above. The original, using 10 regular cards was published in Colombini’s book Impromptu Card Magic. 
A different and novel effect, which you can carry in your pocket and perform any time, at a most affordable price.