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OH! by Spidey
  • OH! by Spidey

OH! by Spidey

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"Oh! is an absolute impossibility for your spectators. Spidey has come up with a fantastic effect AND an incredible method. This is SUPER PRACTICAL and VERY STRONG. Don't miss this!"
- Richard Sanders 

Read the following carefully...nothing is being left out. 

You ask a spectator to select a card or to lend you a bill. You then VERY fairly and openly rip a corner off the card or the bill and VISIBLY pass it through a SEALED bottle. Your hands are unquestionably empty and it is the exact same corner. 

You have a few questions? Let's answer them...

  • No Gimmicks
  • Instant Reset
  • No difficult sleight of hand
  • Regular deck of cards
  • Regular bottle
  • The bottle is ACTUALLY sealed; the spectator can open it themselves.

The sealed bottle idea alone will bring all your other bottle effects to the next level. With this principle, it will take you 20 seconds to place small objects into sealed bottles. 

Including brand new variations, ideas and principles for all performance styles, such as the wet envelope principle 

PLUS Two BONUS effects, straight out of Spidey's working repertoire. 

BONUS EFFECT #1: a display of both visual magic and mind blowing mentalism, using a pack of playing cards and 2 envelopes 

BONUS EFFECT #2: an extremely practical bar trick. This one GUARANTEES you free drinks and dropped jaws in ANY bar!...visual, high impact and very magical! Anytime Anywhere, borrowed objects. 

"Spidey has literally SEALED the deal with "OH!" This is by far the strongest bottle effect out there, and the bottle is SEALED!!!"
- Deven Ye 

"This effect is everything bottle penetration magic has been missing. Rarely can you find an effect so complete in its logic and psychology that even the toughest skeptics will be amazed!...and it's VERY EASY to do!"
- David Lion, from "Lionism"