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Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do
  • Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do

Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do

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By Phillip Young and Steve Beam First edition copies of the now out of print Fingers Don't Entertain, People Do! 'Slightly Crazy Close Up Magic' by Phillip Young and Steve Beam. A comb-bound collection of 'Real Work,' that teaches each effect with clarity. This is the last of the first editions and there are no plans to reprint this book. The covers have aged over the years, but each copy is in perfect condition otherwise. F.D.E.P.D. Hosts material by Don Morris, Pete Peterson, Randy Tanner, Chris Ball, and Steve Beam! Several coveted routines are tucked away in this wonderful book 80 page book. A variety of practical effects illustrated with nearly 100 line drawings by the author. Material includes: The Hermann Pass Variation, Color Changing Card Case, Longitudinal Card Change, Top Less Change, Glass Eye, Coin Spray, Van Gogh's Ear, It's Gone Astray, Basket Case, Pop Purse, Hinge Vanish, Coin Flair, Coin Stamp, Face Up Okito, Across Okito, plus much more!