• Creepy hand

Creepy Rubber Hand



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Pure and simple comedy prop magic at its finest!
So many uses- and it's hilarious!

Great for theatrical productions and Halloween shows!

Use this rubbery hand as a funny item that you can unexpectedly produce from a hat or box.
They think you are going to produce a rabbit from a hat- but you produce a HAND!

Roll it up in your car window- you'll have a disembodied waving hand on your car!

If you use a hand chopper like Disecto, you can have this hand casually laying on the table next to the chopper.
"Oh, I guess I forgot to clean up after the last show!"

Of course, this is a very useful theatrical prop as well!

The hand is hollow, and made of a ghostly looking yellowish-tan color flexible plastic.
It is about the size of an average adult right hand.