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Jolly Lollies By Ian Adair

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Another popular effect by Ian. Its a jolly good effect. Its a jolly good routine Its several valuable minutes of fun and entertainment.

Effect : The performer displays five Jumbo Cards, Each with a striking Blue pictorial back design. On their front are bold printed pictures of Ice Lollipops in 5 diffrerent flovours.

Each card is displayed and the children are asked to shout out the differentf flavours – Lemon, Orange,Strawberry, Lime & Black Current. The colors printed to match the flavours.
The cards are then mixed up and 4 children are selected to assist and, which ever lollipop ends on the letter Y when spelt out is the one the child will have. The Cards are dealt from front to back with their backs towards the children spelling the word L-O-L-L-Y.  The last card is reversed and its lets say “Orange”. The performer repeats this each time landing on a different flavour until only 1 lolly remains which is his. When the performer reverses the last card, there is no Lolly, instead there is a picture of a greedy little boy licking his lips ” He had my Lolly” quips the performer.

Also supplied are some extra cards for different climaxes, – the lolly could be half bitten, or vanish completely.

Item comes complete with all the required jumbo size cards, printed in color,  and instructions for the several different climaxes and effects.