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Adair’s Magic Spell

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A cute self working pocket effect, created by Ian Adair of Barnstaple, England, ready for use any time, any place !
Effect : Performer displays 6 square panels. He says he will use 5 of these for a ” MAGIC SPELL”, as MAGIC and SPELL are both 5 letter words, and lays one panel aside !!!
The other 5 panels are mixed and 4 spectators are invited to participate. (If four spectators are not in your audience, the same spectator can make all 4 of the selections).
Spectator is invited to spell M-A-G-I-C, transferring one panel from top of face down stack to bottom, and the panel arrived at the letter “C” is his selection. He is asked to keep it, face down.
This is repeated with the three other spectators, each getting a panel, and leaving the last one for the performer.
The four spectators now turn over their panels – they are all blank.
When performer turns over his panel, it shows the picture of a rabbit.
Finally the panel placed aside is turned over. It displays a top hat. The rabbit is placed over the top hat – “That’s a MAGIC Spell”
We supply the 6 panels, about 2.5″ square, sturdily made, and lacquered, along with the instructions, that make this almost automatic in performance.