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Kinetic Mental Dice by Marc-Antoine

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Kinetic Mental Die by Marc Antoine

Forget about every other dice.
Kinetic Mental Die is a huge leap forward in die technology.
Not only do you immediately know the number on the die but you are also able to perform incredible « which hand routines »…and this is just the beginning !
All informations are secretly transmitted to a powerful thumper.

If you have a TimeSmith Watch the Kinetic Dice will work with the TimeSmith App to set the time on the watch and also act as a remote display for the dice without having to go into the Kinetic Dice App.

There are a lot of features in these dice feel please feel free to give us call and we can explain more or answer your questions.


Magnet Supplied, PK Ring not supplied but not necessary.

In your Kinetic Mental Die set you will receive.

  • 3 induction rechargeable Kinetic Mental Die
  • 1 Wireless charging base (capable of charging 3 dice).
  • 1 Thumper.
  • 2 USB cables.
  • Online video instructions.