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Incredible Coin Vanisher Bank Devil Coin Bank

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What a devious way to vanish a coin!

And it's so easy!
Simply borrow a quarter, and place it inside this small bank.
Shake the bank so that your spectators can hear the coin rattling inside.
On your command, however, the rattling stops abruptly.
The coin has vanished from the bank!

The coin can either disappear forever, or you can use another trick, like the Magic Coin Box or the Coin Nest, to make the coin reappear again.
You can make a complete routine out of the two tricks.

This effect is also called the Devil Coin Bank.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Coin Vanisher Bank
  • printed instructions

You supply the borrowed coin.

May be packaged as Trick COIN BANK or DEVILS COIN BANK.
This is the same trick with different packaging.