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Drapeau du Québec Miss made flagset

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You show 1 large white scarf, 1 large blue scarf and four small white scarves.

You explain that you are going to transform them into the flag of Quebec. You place the big blue, then the big white in your beggar (change bag), but by placing the four small white scarves, they fall to the ground without you noticing.

You then take out of your beggar a flag of Quebec on which the 4 white fleur-de-lys are missing, it is then that you see the four white scarves on the ground, so you take the white scarves as well as the miss made flag and you replace again in the beggar, you make a magic pass to finally bring out a superb Quebec flag!

Made from the finest quality pure silk by P&A Silks. Ideal for your St-Jean Bapstiste show or any other patriotic occasion.

The 2 printed scarves are 15" X 11" in size

* You will need 4 x 6" white scarves and 2 x 12" scarves one white and one blue not included.