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Adair’s Spade Card Monte

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Vente finale

Based on the popular 3 card Monte effect, this version by Ian Adair offers a different and novel climax

Effect : Performer displays 3 Jumbo cards in a fan, – 2 red spot cards, with an Ace of Spades (AS) between them.
Fan is turned backs facing audience, and a spectator asked to point to the odd card – the AS. He obviously points to the center card, which is pulled out of the fan, and placed aside. The other two cards are turned over and are seen to be the two red spot cards.
But when the face down card is turned over (presumably the AS) it is seen to be BLANK ! The AS has apparently vanished.
“No” says the performer – “it has not vanished – it is just invisible. And we can make it visible with a snap of the fingers.”
As he says this he snaps his fingers, and the blank card drops open to a double card, with a picture of a (gardening) Spade.
We supply all the required Jumbo Cards, and detailed illustrated instructions.