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Counterfeit detector by Dick Zimmerman

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Vente finale

Dick Zimmerman was ahead of his time in many of the effects, The "Counterfeit Detector" was very much one of Dick's better items. This is a quality product made from brass. The magician mentions that the Secret service is concerned because there is more and more currency being faked worldwide. In the past this was almost exclusively limited to banknotes but recently more and more fake coins have appeared. All agents now carry a little device on them to easily spot those fakes. The magician now goes on to demonstrate how the device works, he removes a "counterfeit" Quarter from the box and attempts to push it through the hole in the top of the box. Since the Quarter is larger than the hole this proves to be impossible. He continues by saying that like most metals these coins contract when cooled. After cooling it, he takes the Quarter and effortless drops it through the hole into the box.. The magician next offers to test one of the spectators real quarters....it immediately drops through the hole in the box...as expected it passes the first test. It can also pass through the second hole at the bottom of the box...... Now for the Counterfeit test lets "warm it up"....suddenly the Quarter does not go in any opening....the spectator was carrying a fake with himself. "For me the Counterfeit Detector needed a finale, so at the end when I hand the coin back to the spectator I comment that when coins are fake we might as well sticking to bills. With this I place the detector on the table and the spectator can see a dollar bill through the holes." - Wolfgang Wollet (This final "load" is not described in the instructions but is easy to do without special skills by loading the final load when the focus is on the coin that is being returned)