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Bill in Kiwi with Carl Cloutier (2 DVD set)

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Vente finale

You are about to learn the signature routine and secret of a world champion magician; Carl Cloutier.

A spectator's signed bill vanishes and reappears in a kiwi held by a spectator. This illusion is so powerful that it becomes magic right before your audience's eyes...

You also get a second DVD containing 10 more world champion routines with step by step instructions from Carl Cloutier.

Join Carl Cloutier for a close-up performance in Lake Tahoe and one on one instructions in studio.

DVD ONE Carl's Signature Routine:

  • Bill In Kiwi Routine
  • Bill In Kiwi Routine Explained in English
  • French Explanations

DVD TWO You Will Watch & Learn:

  • Sports Ball Routine - Sleight of hand
  • Bounce No Bounce - Comedy routine!
  • Travler - Four signed cards to pockets
  • Slimfast Routine - Signed card appears in sealed can!
  • Pepper Routine - A magical appearance in a pepper!
  • Magazine Routine - So good, it's unbelievable!
  • Cards Across - Carl's take on an age old classic
  • Liquid Asset - A signed glass with liquid becomes magic
  • Coin Trick - Carl's closer

About the Magician
Carl Cloutier - Carl has taken many awards for his magic, such as: The IBM top Close-Up, London's 9th. International Close-Up Competition, The Desert Magic Seminar Impromptu Challenge, Desert Magic Seminar Close-Up Award, World Champion Close-Up Magician & the FISM competition in Yokohama Japan. His DVD set is a bargain at any price.