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Showoff with CD's

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Vente finale

World Class Manipulator Eddy Ray will teach everything you need to become a cutting edge Showoff! You will learn so many unbelievable moves that have been kept secret for more than 10 years!

The time has come for you to learn the art of CD manipulation! Learn them all, step by step, move by move...

  • Tenkai Palm: The core sleight used for productions and vanishes!
  • Toss Vanish: A visual vanish where the CD seems to vanish in mid air!
  • Side Toss Vanish: A quick and stunning vanish!
  • Pop-out Production: A finger tip appearance that looks phenomenal!
  • Multiple CD Production: The move that will make you sought after!
  • Vanishing of Mutiple CDs: The most incredible series of vanishes in existence!
  • Color Change: A striking color change of a CD that can be shown on both sides!
  • Extra Appearances: More sensational ways to make a CD appear!
  • Hand to Hand: Your hands are empty.. or are they?
  • Split Production: A split appearance that is eye popping!
  • Tenkai with mini CD: A core move that can be used for close-up!
  • One handed Vanish: A wicked looking vanish with one hand!
  • Two handed Vanish: An awesome retention of vision!
  • Split Production with mini CDs: Split the mini CDs over and over!
  • Growing CD: A mini CD transforms in a full size CD, you got to see it to believe it!
  • Vanish Multiple Mini CDs: Show off and vanish them so effortlessly.. with your fingers spread!
  • Flip Vanish: A totally standout vanish utilizing a classic move!
  • Clear CD into Real CD: A shocking and lightning fast transformation!
  • Silver Confetti to CD: An elegant and eye pleasing production!
  • Colored CD to Silk: Literally pull off the color and transform it into a silk!
  • Basic Construction of Ultimate CD: The gimmick that will make you pass out!
  • Ultimate Vanish: Perform this vanish naked if you dare!
  • Ultimate Appearance: No sleeves, no pulls, just you and the Ultimate CD!
  • Flip Vanish using Ultimate CD: Using moves that will make you say wow!
  • Pivot Move: Nothing in the front and nothing in the back!
  • Ultimate Shadow CD Case: Make a CD case visually transform into a CD!
  • Extra Moves: A one handed change of a CD into a silk!
  • Ultimate CD into a Ball: A dynamite move using a bouncy ball!
  • Mini CD into a Regular CD: A one handed transformation that will make your audience gasp!
  • Ultimate Transposition: A super effect that looks down right impossible!
  • Producing a Fan of CDs: Make a full fan of 5 CDs appear from your empty hand!
  • Vanishing a Fan of CDs: A dream come true for any CD manipulator!
  • Continuous Production of CDs: You will learn this in 10 seconds!
  • 2 for 1 Production: A sneaky way to gain an extra appearance!
  • Ultimate Jumbo: A jaw dropping appearance of a laser disc!
  • Stealing CDs from the Body: Useful techniques for your act!